How-to Automate AppSec & Keep up w/ Modern CI/CD

The adoption of continuous integration and delivery has fundamentally altered how software is built and maintained. It has dramatically increased the pace of software release cycles and driven innovation throughout the software industry. However, security hasn’t been able to keep up and, as a result, has largely been left behind.

Traditional security approaches all rely on manual configuration and tuning. Yet, manual processes can neither provide comprehensive nor precise security. No matter how diligent, you cannot create security policies for vulnerabilities you are not aware of. Furthermore, as release cycles shrink to weekly (or even daily) it’s simply not possible to update traditional security policies fast enough to avoid overwhelming staff with false positives. Hence, we believe the key to securing modern applications is automation.

This webinar will cover:

  • Elements of Modern CI/CD
  • Traditional Security Approaches
  • How Modern CI/CD Undermines Traditional Security
  • Approaches to Automating Security
  • ShiftLeft Demo

Presenter of the Webinar

Priya Chawla
Priya Chawla
Director of Product Management, ShiftLeft