How To Find Malicious Backdoors and Business Logic Vulnerabilities in Your Code

While graph databases are primarily known as the backbone of the modern social networks, we have found a much more interesting application for them: program analysis. This talk aims to demonstrate that graph databases and the typical program representations developed in compiler construction are a match made in heaven, allowing large code bases to be mined for vulnerabilities using complex bug descriptions encoded in simple, and not so simple graph database queries.

This talk will bring together two well-known but previously unrelated topics: static program analysis and graph databases. After briefly covering the "emerging graph landscape" and why it may be interesting for hackers, a graph representation of programs exposing syntax, control-flow, data-dependencies and type information is presented, designed specifically with bug/backdoors/business logic flaws hunting in mind.

Capabilities of the system will then be demonstrated live with Joern, an open source code exploration tool, as we craft queries for RCE exploits, insider attacks, data leak detection.

Presenter of the Webinar

Chetan Conikee