How-to Start an Impactful DevSecOps Initiative

AppSec is rapidly being outpaced by DevOps. Modern software development practices (agile, cloud, CI/CD, microservices, etc.) have dramatically increased the efficiency of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). However, they’ve also increased the complexity of AppSec, while shortening the time in which Security Teams have to identify and harden weaknesses.

Just as DevOps is infrastructure as code, the only way security can keep is through automation, e.g., DevSecOps. However, implementing a DevSecOps program can be daunting because traditional AppSec approaches rely heavily on manual processes that do not scale.

This webinar will cover:

  • The evolution of modern software development practices
  • Traditional AppSec approaches
  • How modern software development out-paces AppSec
  • Key requirements for starting your DevSecOps initiative
  • How ShiftLeft automates continuous AppSec
  • ShiftLeft Demo

Presenters of the Webinar

Priya Chawla
Etan Lightstone
Etan Lightstone