Lightning Fast

By leveraging our unique Code Property Graph we're able to quickly understand the intricacies of your code 40x faster than the industry average.


Fewer False Positives

Increase developer productivity by allowing developers to focus on findings that can be demonstrably triggered at runtime.


Find fast, fix faster.

With a 5x decrease in Mean-Time-To-Remediation (MTTR), you can focus on fixing security vulnerabilities in your existing workflows instead of continual context switching.

Provable Industry-leading Accuracy

Increased automation is crucial in vulnerability discovery to scale to the large amount of code that need to be secured in today’s industries. The ability to identify vulnerabilities comprehensively, efficiently, and with few false positives is an important primitive to achieve this, and at ShiftLeft, we put considerable work and energy into achieving this goal.

With an above 74% average OWASP benchmark score, ShiftLeft CORE’s SAST capabilities gives you the most accurate findings possible.

Test the Benchmark For Yourself

ShiftLeft CORE includes an easy-to-use OWASP bench-marking application right inside our platform to test these claims for yourself.


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The Future of Code Security with Transparent Benchmarking

See how we transparently prove our OWASP benchmark and the technology that supports our industry-leading accuracy.

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