On-Demand Virtual Event

Secure Software Summit 2022

Secure Software Summit brings together the world’s leading innovators, practitioners and academics of secure software development to share and teach the latest methods and breakthroughs on secure coding and deployment practices designed to entertain, teach and enlighten. If you are about developing, releasing and securing software, delivering new features fast and building things right from the start this summit is for you.

Hear from some of the top Application Security and DevSevOps experts:

  • Josh Corman, Former Chief Strategist of CISA, "Trust, Transparency, Dependence and You - Keynote
  • Shannon Lietz, Adobe, "How to Achieve DevSecOps Maturity"
    Dan Lorenc, Chainguard, "Risk and Reward: The State of Opensource Supply Chain Security"
  • Aaron Rinehart, Verica, "Operating Safe, Secure & Reliable Systems with Security Chaos Engineering
  • Steve Springett, OWASP, "Behold the SBOM: Practical and Strategic Advice for Making SBOM Work for you"
  • Fabian Yamaguchi, ShiftLeft, "On the Challenges of Scaling Static Vulnerability Discovery"
  • James Chiapetta, Blackstone, "What happens After you shift Security Left"
  • Jasmine Jackson, Disney, "Using Vulnerabilities in Your Codebase to Drive Security Education in your Organization"
  • Shinesa Cambric, Microsoft, "Securing Software with a Zero Trust Mindset"
  • Abhishek Arya, Google, "Measuring and Mitigating  Risks in Open Source Software"
  • Jonathan Schneider, Moderne, "Making your Source Code Fix itself"
  • Harini Rangarajan and Yashvier Kosaraju, Twilio "Security Metrics that Count"
  • Vickie Li and Suchakra Sharma, ShiftLeft, Analyzing Source Code for Vulnerabilities: A How to Workshop"
  • Vandana Verma, Snyk, "New Way of Envisioning Security in the Dependencies"
  • Rob Tomkins, Apache Foundation, "How can we Keep Log4j Security Issues from Happening in the Future"
  • Mark Wireman, Accenture, "Security and Compliance: One and the Same"
  • Malcolm Harkins, Epiphany Systems, Rob Lundy, ShiftLeft, Bryan Smith, RiskLense, "Reachability and Risk: Tools for Security Leaders"
  • Adolfo Garcia, Chainguard, "What an SBOM can do for you"