Shifting Security Left

Download the ebook that will be your DevSecOps / AppSec reference manual for 2022. “Shifting Security Left” gathers the insights, principles, predictions, how-to and know-how, and sometimes startling perspective and breakthrough common sense of top thinkers and doers in the field.

  • You (We) are the cavalry. Nobody else is coming to save the day. Protecting digital infrastructure and technologic transformation is up to us.
  • SBOMs are mandated for government work, and will soon be everywhere. Today’s the day to learn how to create a really useful Software Bill of Materials.
  • The culture of collaboration between DevSecOps and AppSec is the last thing hackers want to see, because it’s fundamental to defeating them efficiently.
  • Cyberattackers don’t merely extort billions - they increase mortality and wreak havoc. The cyberwar against our healthcare systems is a national emergency.
Shifting Security Left eBook