What's in your code?

Is the software you're building the same software you're shipping? With the rise of supply chain attacks you need a partner that can quickly secure your codebase.

Introducing Illuminate by ShiftLeft, the first solution designed to quickly uncover the threats lurking in your code.



ShiftLeft Illuminate

Lightning Fast

By leveraging our unique Code Property Graph we're able to quickly understand the intricacies of your code in hours, not days.

Our experts deliver the results of our initial findings fast, allowing you and your team to take any actions necessary to stop insider attacks from causing damage.


Detailed Reporting 

Get an in-depth technical report highlighting any risks to the codebase along with remediation advice.

We'll even throw in an executive report that your boss can understand.


Expert Analysis

By using complete data flow and advanced flow analysis, we're able to uncover complex backdoors and business logic flaws that others miss.

Our experts provide a custom set ShiftLeft NG-SAST rules of all findings as a bonus.

Insider Attacks Are No Longer Theoretical

The recent high-level (and evolving) attacks against SolarWinds in December 2020 shows the importance of analyzing not just source code for vulnerabilities but the entire process for building commercial software.

Our Solution

ShiftLeft Illuminate is a product and services offering leveraging our core technology suite (NG-SAST, Ocular, and our Code Property Graph) to deliver a project-based engagement to analyze your code base, identify sources, sinks, and transforms, and map that to our CPG to identify anomalies.

The end result is technical and executive level reporting, a set of rules to run in the future and a clear picture of your CI/CD pipeline's risk profile.

Download the Datasheet

ShiftLeft's expertise in securing code runs deep, but don't take our word for it, listen to our CTO and Co-Founder Chetan Conikee break down the entire SolarWinds attack.

On-Demand Webinar:

Introducing ShiftLeft Illuminate

Watch ShiftLeft CTO and Co-Founder Chetan Conikee to learn why it's
been historically difficult to secure the software supply chain, how ShiftLeft Illuminate can help your organization's AppSec and development teams stay secure, and what really happened with the SolarWinds supply chain attack.


Want to Move Beyond Bugs?

ShiftLeft is the only code analysis company for developers that simplifies application security in modern software-driven enterprises in an era where secure code matters. Talk to an expert on how ShiftLeft Illuminate can help secure your development pipeline today!