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The security of development pipelines, build servers, and open source libraries has been a hot topic in 2021. While the software supply chain is complex, ShiftLeft's products were designed to insert security at every pull request.

By leveraging our unique Code Property Graph we're able to quickly map the sources, sinks, and transforms of your code flow and ensure that what you're developing is free from critical vulnerabilities, backdoors, and business logic flaws that attackers can take advantage of. In this webinar we introduce ShiftLeft Illuminate, a solution merging experts in secure code analysis with ShiftLeft products to deliver a comprehensive report on the security of your software.

Join ShiftLeft CTO and Co-Founder Chetan Conikee to learn:

 - Why it's been historically difficult to secure the software supply chain.
 - How ShiftLeft Illuminate can help your organization's AppSec and development teams stay secure.
 - What really happened with the SolarWinds supply chain attack.


Chetan Conikee
CTO, ShiftLeft